2019 Collision Repair Expo to Welcome World Leading Collision Repair Technology Engineer

The 2019 Collision Repair Expo (CRE) to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 4 to 6 brings the world’s leading collision repair industry products, equipment and technology to Australia’s repairers.

Along with the world leading products, services and equipment on show across three days, the 2019 CRE also welcomes a number of renowned collision repair technology experts to share their experience and knowledge during a comprehensive seminar and international guest keynote speaker program.

The 2019 CRE is delighted to welcome the United Kingdom based co-founder of Auto Industry Consulting Limited, Andrew Marsh, who will impart his knowledge to help Australian collision repairers work with vehicle factory fitted Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the universal uncertainty relating to the requirement of enhanced electronics and software skills.

Mr Marsh worked with a number of vehicle manufacturers in design, development and project management for two decades after obtaining his Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1984. He then joined Thatcham Research, a UK based partially motor insurer funded collision repair research centre. While in this role, Mr Marsh developed the first UK Insurance Industry Telematics Core Data Protocol.

In 2011 Mr Marsh co-founded Auto Industry Consulting Limited, an independent provider of technical information and consultancy to the global collision repair industry. He is also an in demand key note speaker for repairer and motor insurer audiences and is a contributor for several magazines.

During his 2019 CRE keynote presentation, Mr Marsh will focus on ADAS and the new static, dynamic and self-calibration demands that these systems bring to collision repairers, while also covering the challenge of repair complexity and enhancing collision repairer software skills. Both vehicle manufacturer and motor insurer perspectives are covered, including the rapidly expanding number of vehicle models yet the reducing number of key architectures along with the impact of unique body shape parts.

Mr Marsh will be making this important keynote presentation at 11:30am on Saturday April 6 and it is sure to be an informative highlight of the 2019 CRE.

The 2019 CRE, held concurrently with the 2019 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAAE) from April 4 to 6 in Melbourne, is an automotive industry event not to be missed by collision repairers and general automotive repairers along with all professionals involved in the repair, servicing and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Entry is free to all members of the trade, including attendance to all free seminars and keynote presentations throughout this major three day event.

To register your attendance to the 2019 CRE and its detailed seminar program, visit www.collisionrepair.com.au

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