Free Seminar Series

The 2019 program will be announced shortly.

Take advantage of the FREE seminar series which runs throughout the Expo. Each seminar runs for approximately 1 hour, bookings are essential. More  details on the 2019 program will be released in late 2018.

The 2017 Seminar Series is outlined below:

I-CAR Course on Understanding Learning Culture

Exposing production management staff to the benefits of a learning culture increases shop efficiency as well as optimizes learning, so the entire shop reaps the benefits of new knowledge. In this session you will see how repair facilities that have embraced a learning culture, improved on key performance indicators (KPIs) to a much greater degree, than repair facilities that did not embrace one.

Well known I-CAR instructor Geoff Mitchell will share his findings from travels across Australia and highlight the different outcomes of businesses which train strategically, from those that don’t.

11.00am – 12.00pm, Friday 7 April
Clarendon Room A&B
Geoff Mitchell, I-CAR

Geoff Mitchell, I-CAR, Program Developer & Welding

Globalisation Impact Explained

The collision repair industry is at a crossroads. New vehicle designs and technologies are being introduced at a rapid pace. This, combined with knowledge and skills gaps amongst technicians, impacts in a consistent manner across the globe. The ability of the collision repair industry to perform complete, safe and quality repairs, has never been a more challenging environment than right now. To close the gap, increasingly sophisticated training and education resources and commitments are required.

International President of I-CAR John Van Alstyne, will deliver a highly informative up-date on the Global Collision Repair network, including the what to-be-aware of aspects for the near future, and importantly what key factors to prepare for and to address in what order – to enable not only sustainability, but to ensure profitability.

1.00pm – 1.45pm, Friday 7 April
Clarendon Room A&B
John Van Alstyne,I-CAR

John Van Alstyne, I-CAR, International President

Discover Key Collision Repair Emerging Technologies – from an OEM ‘panel’

Listen to representatives from BMW, Ford, Toyota, Subaru and Suzuki, as they discuss and field questions on vehicle technology and its effect on collision repair. The panel will look at repair methods, telematics, advanced driver systems, as well as the future of vehicle manufacturing technology and provide facts about OEM repair requirements. The panellists will also provide invaluable insight for collision repairs, not only for what work you are confronted with today, but the key rapidly emerging aspects for the very near future, which will need to be clearly understood to correctly repair vehicles.

The session will be facilitated by Robert Renwick from I-CAR NZ who has developed and delivered I-CAR OEM courses for over 30 years and so brings an invaluable perspective to this forum.

2.15pm – 3.15pm, Friday 7 April
Clarendon Room A&B Wayne Houghton,I-CAR New Zealand
Artur Candido, Holden
Christinne Quix, Ford Australia
Darren Thomas, Toyota Australia
Andrew Minns, Subaru
Tom Bakas, Suzuki

The Consolidation Dilemma Defined and What To Do About It

Discover what is driving this new format and how to work within it. There are various options and the resultant up-sides and down-sides. The key is to understand the ramification of being part of each of the various group models, so that you can make an informed choice. Plus there is the need to factor in what the insurers are looking for.

Hear from International and highly respected independent Business Consultant David Lingham of Orbis/IBIS who has presented to global technical conferences on this exact subject. He is known for his keen understanding of the nuances which impact on the collision repairers business

4.30pm – 5.30pm, Friday 7 April
Clarendon Room A&B
David Lingham, IBIS/Orbis

David Lingham, IBIS/Orbis, Business Impact Director


Toyota Define Their Collision Repair Standards

In conjunction with I-CAR, Toyota will present an overview on Toyota repair standards and how to access repair information and navigation of their repair site, plus the construction culture of Toyota vehicles will be covered. With approximately 20% of vehicles sold in Australia wearing the Toyota badge, the potential of a Toyota being repaired in your shop is very high. This is an ideal opportunity to learn directly from these leading OEM and I-CAR experts, as to the specific importance of correct collision repair standards and how to ensure safe and quality repairs are performed.

Hear from Darren Thomas who is Toyota Australia’s only certified Body & Paint Instructor after completing extensive Toyota training in Japan, and from well-respected I-CAR OEM
and Operations Coordinator Jason Trewin who will also Facilitate the session.

11.00am – 11.45am, Saturday 8 April Clarendon Room A&B
Darren Thomas,Toyota Australia
Jason Trewin, I-CAR

Darren Thomas, Toyota Australia, Body & Paint Field Manager



Jason Trewin, I-CAR, OEM & Operations Coordinator


The Collision Repair Industries Biggest Secrets Revealed & Your Worst Fears Debunked!

The Industry seems to be changing at such breakneck speed these days, that it is difficult to know which direction to take and what bandwagon to jump on! If you need to know the real truth about consolidation, technology, the skills shortage, the risk of reduced claims or any of the other challenges to running your business, that keep you up at night, then this is the session for you.
However good your business is, it can always be better and in this dynamic workshop you will
learn how to future-proof your business and ensure the greatest possible success. Whether you have been running your organisation for 30 years or are just starting out, we will help you understand how to better manage the many new emerging technologies and the demands these will have on upskilling your people. Also, how to drive greater efficiencies into your daily work and how to win and keep the best customers. In short, we shall show you how to take the grief out of running a bodyshop.

This is no ‘Talkfest’ – You will leave with a clear and simple set of actions you can implement straight away and at your own pace.

Hear from Gary Steele, who has been leading major change programmes for more than 20 years in a broad array of industries and sectors. He has an impressive international portfolio of award winning automotive clients drawn from all levels of the supply chain, and is globally recognised for his ground-breaking work on the principles of Lean Management in the industry.

12.30pm – 1.30pm, Saturday 8 April Clarendon Room A&B
Gary Steele, Innovation + Body Shop Solutions

Gary Steele, Innovation + Body Shop Solutions, Managing Director



I-CAR Course on Hiring to Support Your Shops Learning Culture

Hiring the right people in any business is a continuous challenge, and finding candidates who will most likely possess the traits and behaviours needed to thrive in a learning culture environment is one of the keys to success. This session overview will introduce you to the traits of the millennial generation, to provide an understanding of the behaviours they possess, and then examine the importance of conducting behavioural-type interviews that support a learning culture.

Hear from experienced I-CAR Instructor Gary Wood, who will share his international experience of the collision repair industry and knowledge of employing the correct staff, and the associated challenges – including what works, what doesn’t and why.

3.15pm – 4.15pm, Saturday 8 April
Clarendon Room A&B
Gary Wood, I-CAR


Gary Wood, I-CAR, Training Program Coordinator


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